School Holiday Youth Squad Training9th October, 2019


These school holidays our Gravity Worx coaching staff decided to run extra training session for our youth squad in order to keep them on track with their training for the remainder of the year. We ran three differing programs one for beginners, one for intermediate/advanced and one for our competition squad. The beginners class reached new heights in their climbing with many students enjoying their first ever class at Gravity Worx! This extended session allowed young crushers to try climbing for the first time and begin to understand some of the extensive terminology used in the sport of climbing.

Our newest Coach, Sonja provided the older youth squad members with a unique acrobatics experience by running two, two hour acrobalance sessions to improve the youth squads communication skills, balance and strength! This program was designed to mix up the more experienced youth squad members training with something a little different and most importantly something that was a lot of fun!

Coach Sonja and our Head Coach Moriah ran two extended climbing sessions following the acrobatics for both the intermediate/advanced and competition squads.  As Head Coach at Gravity Worx, Coach Moriah is always looking for new ways to improve our youth squad members training schedule and to ever increase their love for the sport of climbing.

The competition squad were taken through an introductory route setting course by Coach Moriah to further expand their lens on the world of indoor climbing. This unique workshop involved the youth squad members setting their first every boulder problems and learning about all the pieces of equipment used by route setters. As competitive climbers are expected to display excellent route reading skills this workshop intended to keep their young route reading minds sharp and ready to take on the next competition.

The school holiday programs were a huge success as these young crushers appeared to have nothing but smiles on their faces and love for the sport of climbing which is always our intent as the Gravity Worx Coaching Staff.

We look forward to Term 4 and will continue to work hard to come up with new ways to further progress our young climbing crushers.

If you are interest in youth squad visit our Youth Squad Page for more information or call us on 9350 1789