• All participants must complete a Waiver Form.
  • All new visitors to this centre must complete a Safety Instruction and assessment prior to using Gravity Worx facilities.
  • Lead climbing and belaying are restricted. If you wish to lead climb you must complete a separate Lead Climbing Assessment  with a Gravity Worx Instructor. (Please see Lead Climbing Rules).
  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to belay.
  • Safety gear is rated from 10kg to 110kg. If you weigh outside this range, please check with staff prior to arrival to confirm if there is higher rated equipment available.
  • The 5-Step Belay method is the only method to be used while belaying in this centre.
  • The use of personal belay devices on top-ropes is not permitted.
  • Belaying requires your undivided attention; use of mobile phones or cameras is not permitted while belaying.
  • No lying or sitting down while belaying.
  • No un-roped climbing. Traversing is NOT permitted. ( Current Australian standard AS2316.1 – 2009 specifies this activity can only be performed with the use of crash mats – safety rated flooring is not deemed safe enough for this activity)
  • Climbing shoes must be worn while climbing.
  • Whilst climbing, racing is restricted to purpose built speed wall only.
  • While top-rope climbing, the climber must be connected by the dual attachment of a locking karabiner with the gates in opposing directions.
  • Mobile phones, cameras, other electronic devices or an items that may cause injury to patrons below are not to be carried while climbing. .
  • All hire equipment must be returned otherwise current replacement costs apply.
  • Patron provided personal safety equipment (eg harness, rope belay device etc) must meet current UIAA standards. Gravity Worx staff reserves the right to refuse the use of personal safety equipment.
  • When using a personal climbing harness, the two locking karabiners provided must be attached via the belay loop (where present), so that the gates open in opposite directions.
  • No running in the centre.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted; chalk must be in a chalk-ball in a chalk-bag.
  • Parents and group leaders are responsible for the behaviour of their children and any children in their care.
  • Food or drink other than water is not to be consumed in the climbing area.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted.
  • Gravity Worx does not take responsibility for personal belongings left in the centre, lockers can be hired.
  • Bags or personal belongings are not to be left in the climbing area.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
  • Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Due to the Privacy Act – no photos or video recordings are to be taken unless permission has been granted by Gravity Worx Management.

Failure to comply with Gravity Worx Centre Rules as stated above may result in Management asking you to leave the premises. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.




To lead climb at Gravity Worx we require all climbers and belayers to complete a Lead Climbing Assessment in addition to the initial top-rope safety check. This is to ensure that everyone participating in lead climbing in our Facility is competent and safe.

Note that we expect leaders to have a high level of competence, so please only attempt the Assessment if you are already an experienced lead climber. Alternatively if you would like to learn to lead climb, sign up for a Lead Course.

If you are competent in all aspects of leading and wish to do a Lead Assessment, please read the following:

  • Lead Assessments need to be booked in advance.
  • There is no cost associated with the assessment, apart from your entry fee for the night (whether or not you choose to climb before or after).
  • On the night you will need to fill out an Assumption of Risk form (or you can save time by printing one off and bringing it in). 
PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18 THE ‘Assumption of Risk’ FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. Children aged 13 & under are not permitted to lead belay.
  • Please note that you will need a partner (who either is also being assessed, or has done so previously) to climb and belay for you during the assessment.
  • When lead climbing at Gravity Worx there are restrictions on what equipment may be used including:


  • Must be of a ‘sit harness’ style, designed for lead climbing.
  • Must have padded waist
  • Must have padded leg loops
  • Must have dual attachment points with belay loop

Belay devices

Must be UIAA rated for lead rock climbing and be suited to the rope. Friction knots (such as Italian or Munter hitch) and ‘Figure 8’ style descending devices are not permitted for belaying. Check with staff when obtaining lead pass.

Quick Draws – Only In-Situ Gravity Worx Supplied to be Used

Ropes – ‘Single’,  Dynamic Ropes,  > 40m in Length

The Belayer

  • Must display Gravity Worx Lead pass
  • Karabiner must be a barrel lock connector compliant to UIAA 9.8kn or greater rated and in good condition. Karabiner must be locked prior to climber leaving the ground
  • Must use proper rope management skills. Specifically the rope should be ‘flaked’ out in an appropriate position to belay, and not obstructing other patrons.
  • Must ensure the rope be passed through the belay device correctly (according to the manufacturer’s instructions for that device).
  • Must ensure the karabiner attaching the belay device to the harness must be attached and orientated correctly (as per the instructions from the harness and belay device manufacturer).
  • Must check lead climber has tied figure of eight knot correctly (as per the instructions from the harness manufacturer) – A “Buddy Check” prior to leaving the ground
  • Must spot the climber until they clip the first quickdraw.
  • Should stand in a safe position. This should never be directly below the climber or more than 2 meters from the bottom of the climb.
  • Should feed out rope smoothly and safely, not impeding the movement of the climber.
  • Must constantly have the brake rope in a firm, full-handed grip.
  • Must maintain a stable position to safely catch a fall.
  • Must maintain good eye contact and communication with lead climber
  • Must check each quickdraw is clipped correctly (not back clipped), and if not must communicate with lead climber to rectify before proceeding to next clip.
  • Must be gripping the brake rope with both hands when lowering and the climber’s descent must be at an appropriate speed.
  • Must retrieve the rope from the belayer’s end.

The Lead Climber

  • Must display Gravity Worx lead climbers pass
  • Must tie in with a double figure of eight knot and finish the tail end with a stopper knot
  • Must thread the rope through the harness as per the manufacture’s recommendations.
  • Must check belayer is attached correctly and has threaded the belay device as per manufacturers instructions – a “Buddy Check” prior to leaving the ground
  • must clip all quickdraws correctly and from a safe position appropriate for each climb.
  • Must maintain good communication with belayer.
  • Must show good rope management whilst on the wall. Ideally the climber should never come between the rope and the wall.
  • Must lower to the ground in a safe manner with regard to the safety of other wall users.
  • Top roping on lead ropes is not permitted unless under the direct supervision of a Gravity Worx Instructor

Participants are required to supply all their own equipment, except quickdraws (which are pre-placed on the walls); Gravity Worx does not have Lead Climbing equipment available for hire.