+ I’m a Climber, Do I Need to Do a Belay Induction?

+ Do I Need a Partner?

+ I’ve Never Climbed Before. Does That Matter?

+ I’ve Never Climbed Before. Can I Just Turn Up?

+ Do I Need Lessons?

+ Under 18?

+ Is There a Minimum or Maximum Age?

+ What Should I Wear?

+ Do I Need to Wear Shoes?

+ How Long Can I Climb For?

+ Is It Safe?

+ I Am Pregnant Can I Climb?

+ Do I Have to Book?

+ Can I Boulder?

+ Do You Have Lead Climbing?

+ Can I Bring My Own Climbing Gear?




I’m a Climber, Do I Need to Do a Belay Induction?

Yes -If you’ve never climbed at Gravity Worx before.

To remain compliant with Australian Standards all first time visitors (regardless of experience or qualification) must attend a belay induction.

If you can demonstrate a 5 point belay and your understanding of the Australian Standard Safety checks, this will be a quick process.


Do I Need a Partner?

Not at Gravity Worx.

Climbing does usually involve two people, a climber and a belayer. However Gravity Worx will have up to 16 auto-belays that will provide you with access to up to 50 different routes of varying difficulty. (Please note that we do reduce and relocate these regularly to suit demand, and most evenings will have less available)

Climbing has a great social scene and we encourage people arriving on their own to link up with another solo climber to partner up for the evening. However we understand that sometimes you just want some continuous solo time

Another great way to meet people starting out in climbing and looking for a partner is to join one of our courses.


I’ve Never Climbed Before. Does That Matter?

Absolutely not. The great thing about climbing indoor at Gravity Worx is we have areas and climbs dedicated to brand new climbers like you. If you can climb a ladder you’ll be fine!

We also have courses specifically geared to take a first timer and turn them into a fully fledged climber.


I’ve Never Climbed Before. Can I Just Turn Up?

Absolutely! Though it is best with a friend, Gravity worx does allow you to climb all on your own. You will need to fill in the Waiver Form and complete a safety induction ( usually run every half hour).


Do I Need Lessons?

While courses are available and will help you in the long run, for your first climb we encourage you to come down and give it a try.
All first timers will be taken through a belay induction (how to use the ropes, basic technique and safety essentials) and will be supervised at no extra cost.


Under 18?

Climbing is great fun and perfect for children, there are a few things you must know:

Anyone under 18 must have the waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. If you’re bringing your own children, no problem, you can complete the paperwork.

If you bring children other than your own, please make sure their parent fills our forms. They can be accessed on the Waiver page.

Please also remember that a child must be 13 or over to belay. If your child is 12 or under, you or another 13+ will have to belay for them whilst they climb. (certified competition trained and youth squad trained members are exempt from this)


Is There a Minimum or Maximum Age?

There are no age restrictions for climbing. If you or your child are big enough to safely fit into a harness and young enough to safely participate in physical activity, we’re happy for you to climb. As a guide, usually a 3 year old is big enough for a harness.

We do however have an age restriction on belaying , you must be 13 or over for these activities due to the added responsibility they require (certified competition trained and youth squad trained members are exempt from this).


What Should I Wear?

Comfortable clothes that allow you to stretch. The kind of thing you would wear to the gym or a yoga class is usually ideal. Generally skirts or restrictive clothing is a bad idea. Also please remember to wear or bring socks as the textured wall surface require special climbing shoes (part of your entry fee). Jewelry is best left at home. Long hair is ideally tied back.


Do I Need to Wear Shoes?

For safety and hygiene reasons you must wear shoes when climbing. Our walls are textured to simulate grip on real rock outside, and as such we require that you where specific rock climbing shoes. You can bring your own shoes or rent some climbing shoes.


How Long Can I Climb For?

As long as you can!

Rates at Gravity Worx are for a day pass, so there is no time limit on entry. Once you are checked-in you may even leave and come back as you wish.

It depends on your fitness and experience but generally 1.5 -2hours. You do not have to be super fit or athletic to climb, and will develop skill and strength quickly with regular visits.

As a guide Gravity Worx encourages you to aim for a climbing score each session. This is obtained by adding up all the grade levels of your climb. As a rough guide beginners should be aiming to achieve a score of over 50 in a session. A regular weekly climber should be aiming for a score of over 100 in a session. If you are training for outdoors you want to be pushing 150 points a session.


Is It Safe?

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport.
We ensure you are provided with appropriate instruction and supervision so that you can correctly use the equipment and enjoy your climbing. Our gear is maintained in accordance with Australian Standards and we ensure staff are trained and appropriately qualified in vertical rescue.


I Am Pregnant Can I Climb?

Yes you can with a current note from your doctor confirming this is an approved activity for you.


Do I Have to Book?

No, bookings are not required for a casual visit. However we do take group bookings for group events, birthday parties and social meetups, this is usually for 10 or more climbers. Safety gear is rated from 10kg to 110kg. If you weigh outside this range, please check with staff prior to arrival to confirm if there is higher rated equipment available.


Can I Boulder?

Not in the traditional sense. We have devices that require you to wear a harness that allow you to work as hard as you can (can’t), or for as long as it takes you to fall – without the risk of strains and sprains that come with impact landings on crash mats. Think 15m highball problems available for you to work. We also allow Traversing around the cone.

Do You Have Lead Climbing?

We have engineered the gym to be adapted for lead climbing in about half of the gym. There are some walls dedicated lead only, and different walls will be available for leading dependent on demand. You will be required to undergo a lead climbing assessment by our staff prior to leading. Every time you lead you need to check in with staff and obtain a lead climbing ticket. Please check with staff in advance if lead climbing is available.


Can I Bring My Own Climbing Gear?

You are welcome to wear your own shoes and harness as long as it is no greater than 5 years old and staff are happy with the condition. If not you will be required to use one of our hire harnesses.